What is Blindspot Cycles?

Blindspot Cycles is a company that builds custom electric motorcycles. Each bike is specifically tailored to the customer’s needs or desires. Blindspot Cycles not only provides zero emissions vehicles, but most of our vehicles are recycled from junkyards. After completing a full gas-powered life of service, we rescue them from the grave and resurrect them to ride again but with new, clean, American-made, proven technology. Every bike is one of a kind and made under the same philosophy: resurrected and recycled motorcycles.

Our bikes are capable of up to 80+ mph and have a range of up to 60+ miles. Generally these bikes are not designed to be highway vehicles, but highway speeds are possible, if that is a small portion of a client’s commute. At 50 mph with a 30 mile range (average), riders have plenty of versatility to commute shorter distances within their community and surrounding areas with style! Noise pollution is also no longer an issue, since our bikes are almost silent.

We create bikes with tributes to all styles as well as complete customs. Whether you like choppers, bobbers, café cruisers, baggers, restored classics, or even sport bikes, we can build something for you. Not comfortable on two wheels? How about a trike? Our basic bikes start in the $5,000 range. Price varies depending on design and restoration elements chosen by the client. We also offer bikes that can be registered as scooters, but are limited to 30-35mph (depending on state laws). The cost of running one of these electric motorcycles is about 25 cents per charge, if the batteries are drained fully. If you could satisfy your local driving needs for about 25 cents a day, why wouldn’t you?

Have you had a motorcycle for 20 years that is at the end of its life? Would you like to see it restored and converted to electric? Do you or a friend have an old broken down bike in the shed? Want to see it revitalized with a smarter technology, or just want to give it up to a good cause? Email us, and we will come pick it up to recycle and restore it! (Local only)

What is it like to ride an electric motorcycle from Blindspot Cycles?

There is truly nothing like riding an electric bike down the road, with virtually no noise other than the wind, knowing that you are doing your part in saving the planet. While riding with a friend you can actually have a conversation. “I have actually heard my cell phone ring in my pocket while cruising at 35mph and pulled over to answer it,” said rider Scott Harper.

To start the bike you simply turn the key, hit the enable switch, and twist the “throttle” or potentiometer. Gone are the days of cranking or kicking your bike over for 15 minutes, to figure out that you flooded a carburetor, fouled a plug, or killed your battery. Riding your electric motorcycle, you will also notice the amount of looks you get. People can’t help but stare as they try to figure out what it is that you are riding. “I have almost caused accidents because of curious drivers paying more attention to me than the road,” said rider Josh Crabb. You will constantly be asked by mystified on-lookers about your bike. “I like to tell people that you will spend as much time explaining your bike as you do riding it!” says owner Chris Ravana.

Another nice feature is that the motorcycles are single speed drive, which eliminates a need for a transmission, clutch, and shifting. You never have to worry about stalling on a hill, missing a shift, or even trying to find a gear while downshifting. There is practically no energy spent at rest and no idling . All of our builds are very easy to operate, and there is no engine vibration (because we recycled the engine!) There is also no oil or gasoline in our bikes that can make a mess and stink up your garage. There are no exhaust pipes to burn your leg on or to pollute the air behind you, because there is actually no exhaust at all.

These motorcycles are imagined by you and created by us. The builds are completely customizable from the paint, lighting, and riding position to the iPod speaker systems. What would you want your bike to have on it? How fast and far do you need your commuter to go? The sky is the limit. The converted bike, chosen by you, will be an efficient, clean, quiet and renewable form of transportation, liberating you from fluctuating fuel prices. Just charge the batteries and revel in the virtue of not negatively affecting the environment.

How do we do it?

At Blindspot Cycles, a motorcycle is stripped down to its skeleton with the engine and wiring removed. We breathe new life into the chassis by converting the motorcycle to electric …well, breathe and wrench. The frame is then modified to accept the new electric motor, controller, batteries and other electrical components. Typically the converted bike weighs and rides much like the original in that we try to keep a similar geometry, balance and center of gravity.

Consulting with Engineer John Bidwell, of Clean Personal Transportation and Bidwell designs, we have been able to build efficient electric motorcycles in style. John has been building electric motorcycles for over 10 years. He has written several books on the subject and lectured around the country on EV’s. He and his wife Debbie have both held world records’ in electric vehicle drag racing, on a vintage drag bike named “BADVOLTS” that Blindspot Cycles may be resurrecting for next season.

Chris Ravana is the owner and designer of the company. With a lifelong passion for design and fabrication, and a long history with cars and motorcycles, he implements his meticulous study of classic and vintage aesthetics in every bike he builds. He wanders junkyards looking at bikes for the next project and envisions them transformed on delivery day. His dedication to the environment and his country is the driving force of the company and the reason Blindspot Cycles is one of the few, if not the only, truly American-made electric motorcycle company out there.

The majority of other companies are importing products from overseas to save costs and then assembling small portions of the product in house, slapping “Made in the U.S.A.” stickers on them. Blindspot Cycles is not interested in deceiving customers and sources ALL motors, controllers, batteries, and rolling chassis, from the United States and from the closest distributers, when possible. On occasion a client will request a specific motor or lithium batteries that are not U.S. products. Due to the nature of custom builds, the client determines the components they purchase. Blindspot Cycles will not force people to buy certain products. We can only give our clients the opportunity to support our economy and choose American-made components. Blindspot Cycles is making green transportation a realistic, economic, and exciting possibility for Americans.