Chris Ravana -

I come from a long line of creativity.  My Grandfather was a painter, my Father was an inventor, and I am a designer.  Growing up without a lot of money, I was luckily forced to “figure it out” with what was available.  That is why I love going to the junkyard to find my next bike.  It is natural for me to see future beauty in a current mess.  The idea of Sustainability was introduced to me in 1999 while working at New Belgium Brewing Co.  It was amazing, opening my eyes to this whole new world where repurposing things was honorable and not “cheap”.

I studied and continue to study Sustainable Building and Design at Colorado State University.  I have studied, Aesthetic, Architectural, Interior, Industrial, Graphic, Green, Landscape, Lighting, Packaging and Product disciplines within the Design field.

With a background in building and creating while being from Los Angeles, it was almost certain that I would end up in the Entertainment industry.  I worked for several years as a set-builder and prop-maker for television and music videos.  I learned so much in that time, including the overwhelming amount of waste and destruction that was leftover after the “art” was over.  I moved into the event production side of the business, even less earth friendly but a step in the right direction.  I have been able to travel the world, meet great people, and see so many things due to this business. I still remain active in the industry.

I stumbled across a book by engineer John Bidwell about building electric motorcycles in 2008 and suddenly became obsessed with building one.  It turns out that the town my wife and I had just moved to, Ft.Collins, was where John lived.  I got in contact with him and that is where the company began.  John had sort of lost steam in the conversion realm.  When he took me to see the bike he wrote the book on I was jumping out of my skin.  Dusty, missing parts, broken down in the dark corner of a warehouse sat the cornerstone of my business.  I purchased the rundown prototype”El Chopper” in November of 08’ and proceeded to completely tear it apart.  John barely recognized it when he came to see it.  This was the point of no return for me.  I have created this business where I take trash and turn it into zero emission transportation, and it feels great.

I am only one man, and without the team that stands around me, I am only great ideas.  Without the financial advising, emotional support, and freedom to create awarded me by my wife Nicole, none of this would be possible.  I would just be a guy with really cool toys. Thank you, and I love you. 

Thanks to all the Blindspot Crew for the support, without which we do not exist. You all make it happen and provide the customers/riders with a new sense of joy and a responsible transportation option.  Together we will rock the nation.